Norberry learned a lesson from Charing the 2013 Mount Baker Home Tour, don’t get homes that are all constructed during the same time period! Our intentions were good, get all centenial homes to celebrate the Mount Baker Clubhouse’s 100 year anniversary, but 100 year old homes can look quite similar. This year we’ve improved the spread!


This year we’re going to take you on a tour of a full century of Mount Baker Homes. We’ll start with the oldest, an original Dose Home, to the youngest and award winning sustainable homes in the neighborhood. Along the way you will be transported to a very conservative, but darling 1930’s home. It was featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine, specifically for the kitchen. Your next stop will be the groovy ’70’s where large open spaces were the norm. The Dose home reflects the popular Arts and Crafts period at the turn of the century, it’s even furnished with Green and Green and Stickley like furniture. The two sustainable homes are again award winners, both collecting LEED Platnumn cerifications.


Finally, return to the 1920’s with a neo-storybook house, possibly straight from the British Coastline. The interior is certainly updated for a contemporary lifestyle, but the architect trained designer of the cottage has lessons for all of us to take away. The home is a true stunner!


Please Buy a ticket and come visit one of Seattle’s finest historical neighborhoods. It’s Olmstead designed! Tour runs from 10am to 4:00 pm, Saturday only. Please click through and purchase a ticket: http://www.mountbaker.org/

Your purchase will go to support the mount Baker Clubhouse, the oldest contiguously operating clubhouse in North America.


In today’s market, kitchens should have both a functional and aesthetic appeal. A kitchen backsplash can help you give off a warm vibe in your kitchen while also preventing any problem from arising in the area. With a lot of materials being provided in the market, you would definitely be wondering as to what would be the best kitchen backsplash in Seattle. The answer will be truly up to your preferences. To help you find the perfect kitchen backsplash, here are a few tips to consider.
Mix and Match
If you are having a tough time deciding which tile to use, its best to sample how they look at a wall for a while. Have various samples of different walls and tape them to a surface next to the kitchen wall. Watch how the colors complement each other, or not, depending on natural light for a single day. Then, you slowly remove the colors which clash heavily with your kitchen until you are left with the most-fitting colors.
You can also use your countertop as reference for your kitchen backsplash. Always remember that any kitchen backsplash in Seattle would look good so as long as it matches or complements the color of the counters. You can also mix metallic tiles with other colors and finishes. This will make your kitchen look all the more unique and bold while still as functional as ever; must have features in any contemporary kitchen design.
Aim for High Impact
In most cases, having the right design at the right place will make your kitchen backsplash all the more effective. The best place to put attractive tiles is at the area top of the kitchen sink as it offers a space wide enough for any pattern to be seen. For instance, surrounding this area with neutral tile colors and then adding a glass tile as the centerpiece will make that area all the more attractive.
Do not be concerned too much with the available space. Even with a small space, the right tiles and patterns will make the drab wall attractive and functional. In contemporary designs, make sure that the patterns in the tile do not take away from the colors of the kitchen backslash.
Go Budget-Friendly
If your budget is not that big, it would not be a good idea to pick a trendy pattern-heavy tile design. Keep in mind that high-end and attractive tiles will cost more per square foot than simple tiles. Opting for a more minimalistic design is a far better option when on a budget. 
When going simple, it is important that you do not skimp on the grout. A nice grout will help your tiles adhere to the wall betters. By going for a more minimalistic design, you can cover a wider area of the kitchen wall without breaking your bank.
Go Eco-Friendly
If you really want to go modern with your kitchen backsplash, you must consider several eco-friendly options. There are a lot of tiles out there that are made from recycled from waste materials and, yet, are still able to make any kitchen backsplash in Seattle look as attractive as possible. With these tiles, you can realize your perfect kitchen appearance while doing your part for the environment.

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Norberry is so pleased to offer Rookwood Tile (Sorrento Hotel Fireplace), and Rookwood is so pleased that we sold a fireplace! Pictures to follow…

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The tiling industry has improved so much over the years. The production and design of tiles have impressed more and more individuals, considering that there is an improvement in all the aspects of the tile industry. What makes the tiling industry a trend today is the fact that a best sculptural tile company can now produce anything that you want for a tile. Sculptures are re no longer limited to being separate ornamental items for your homes. You can now integrate these sculptures in your tiles.
This may sound new to you, or maybe not, but the fact that this technology in the tiling industry allows you to put more art on your tiles is already a plus. The sculptural tiles actually enable you to be more creative and make your house look more like you. This technology gives you the chance to put a personal touch into your home design. Other kinds of tiles are only going to give you some attractive design, but they can never give off something like that of the sculptured tiles.
The best thing there is that you can make your own design. That design will be used exclusively for your home or your business. You can make the sculptured tiles a part of your brand and that can serve as your trade mark as well. You can get tile pieces fully customized to your preferences. You can choose the size, the shape, the hues, and the quality of the sculptured tile as a whole. This makes every tile special for your exclusive use only.
One of the purposes of sculptured tiles is to make decorations more appealing. Aside from the fact that it can add a more personalized touch to the design of your house, it can also showcase originality and the breadth of your imagination. It will show a one of a kind presentation that is purely for your personal use.
Most of these sculptural tiles are handmade to ensure accuracy of designs and quality of the tile in general. When you talk about sculptures, it will take a very careful work to make sure that the most intricate details are carved into precision. This is what makes sculptured tiles very eye-catching. Because these tiles can be highly customized, you can use these for different purposes as well. You can use tiles sculptured tiles for your walls, floors, and even table tops.
The sculptured tiles are not limited to home use a well. They are often used as decorative items for commercial spaces, being used as coasters, wall-hung items, and even artsy party favors. These tiles are made with utmost quality, considering that most of these are handcrafted. The tiles are carefully made and colors are delicately added to come up with a very intricate and very remarkable piece of art. They are very durable and can withstand with any type of weather. Whether you it I scold or hot, these tiles are customized to make sure that it does not get damaged with weather changes.
What is important to remember is that if you want to get these kinds of tiles, make sure that you to the best sculptural tile company in your region. The company will not only be able to give you the best looking and great quality tiles. They will also be able to give you a fair price for every item you want done.

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There are many kinds of tiles you can purchase today, one of the most common types of tiles being bought today are hand painted tiles. When you are looking for Seattle hand painted tile for sale, there are so many things that you need to consider finding the right type of tile. The simplest to the most complex factors should be considered to make sure that you won’t regret choosing the wrong tile in the future. What are the factors that you should look into?
First of all you should know what you are going to use the tile for. The other factors will have to follow after you have known the reason why you need the tile for. Kitchen tiles are not usually perfect to use as bedroom tiles. The same with bathroom tiles, you need to choose the kind of tiles that are specifically used for wet areas like the bathroom. Also, consider the size of the tile and its texture. Make sure that it fits well with the purpose.
You may want to consider the size of the room you are going to place the tile in. If you are going to use tiles for the floor of a very tiny room, you can use tiles with pastel colors or anything that has a light shade. This is done to make your room look bigger. If you have a wide room and you want to place tiles, it would be good to use darker shades. This is often great for kitchens that have wide spaces and enough light getting in from the windows.
You can also decide on whether to use the color as the main attraction of the tile or its design. Decide if you want to mix and match different shades or if you prefer to use a uniformed hue for everything. You also mix different sizes as long as the hues complement each other well. You may want to check new designs on the internet and see what colors are best to use for a specific part in the house. You can always experiment on new color combination but make sure that they complement or at least match so it would look good when put together.
If you don’t know which exact color to choose for a specific purpose, you can try to look into different colors from a color wheel. If you cannot decide which color to take because there are just too many of them, pick your top 3-5 tiles that you like most. Then from your shortlist of colors, you can then reduce the option to one and that is going to be the color that you will finally use for the entire tiling project.
When you choose from the different kinds of tile available, you don’t only need to consider your preferences. One of the most important things that you should check is if the shades match with the current design of house. The tiles should blend well or make a good complementary design to the rest of the interior or exterior design, whichever you’re going to use the tiles for. Before you buy a Seattle hand painted tile for sale, review on the tips given above so it would be easy for you to choose the right shade for your tiles soon.

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I'm so pleased to offer Tabarka studios, very reasonable for decorative American made. Subtle patters work with Seattle's preference.

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