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Norberry learned a lesson from Charing the 2013 Mount Baker Home Tour, don’t get homes that are all constructed during the same time period! Our intentions were good, get all centenial homes to celebrate the Mount Baker Clubhouse’s 100 year anniversary, but 100 year old homes can look quite similar. This year we’ve improved the spread!


This year we’re going to take you on a tour of a full century of Mount Baker Homes. We’ll start with the oldest, an original Dose Home, to the youngest and award winning sustainable homes in the neighborhood. Along the way you will be transported to a very conservative, but darling 1930’s home. It was featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine, specifically for the kitchen. Your next stop will be the groovy ’70’s where large open spaces were the norm. The Dose home reflects the popular Arts and Crafts period at the turn of the century, it’s even furnished with Green and Green and Stickley like furniture. The two sustainable homes are again award winners, both collecting LEED Platnumn cerifications.


Finally, return to the 1920’s with a neo-storybook house, possibly straight from the British Coastline. The interior is certainly updated for a contemporary lifestyle, but the architect trained designer of the cottage has lessons for all of us to take away. The home is a true stunner!


Please Buy a ticket and come visit one of Seattle’s finest historical neighborhoods. It’s Olmstead designed! Tour runs from 10am to 4:00 pm, Saturday only. Please click through and purchase a ticket: http://www.mountbaker.org/

Your purchase will go to support the mount Baker Clubhouse, the oldest contiguously operating clubhouse in North America.



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Subway Tile image

True Subway tile now available at Norberry Tile


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Love tile posts!

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Please join us at Town Hall this weekend for Historic Seattle’s Bungalow Fair. Norberry Tile has supported and participated the event from its conception 13 years ago. Vendors will come from all over the United States to promote the organic Arts and Crafts style. It’s a celebration of handmade product and beautiful craftsmanship that Americans are gifted with.

I personally styled my 1924 cottage with period Arts and Crafts features and colors. I found it instantly drops my blood pressure upon entering because it is such an inviting environment. Think subdued colors, warm lighting, lots of wood and few right angles. If you have ever visited the Gamble House in Pasadena you know what it is like to be lovingly embraced by a home.

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Value is in the details.

September is an exciting time in the tile industry as summer-time construction completes. With walls up and the roof on, finish surfaces are the next items to check off.  It is more important than ever to invest in your home. Installing quality surfaces will create environments you want to live in over time, which in turn adds value. Using cheap materials often proves to be  false economy, as they are more commonly ripped out and replaced. Quality surfaces are timeless and enduring.

By working with Norberry Tile you can be assured of beautiful and appropriate surfaces for your style of home.  Bring a designer in with you for a third opinion.  Our goal is to have you install the tile once and be happy with it for your entire life in the home.  That’s adding value!

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Coverings 2010 was held in Orlando, Florida.  The size of the show itself was down regarding space filled in previous years, and research and development generally appeared scaled back.  There were two outfits that brought something notable to the table, Rookwood and Tabarka Studios.

I can only note that Rookwood is on the verge of releasing a tile line.  What exactly will be available is not clear yet, nor the distribution channel.  However, I can mention that they are very close in reproducing original colors without the benefit of lead.  Also,  they have copies of original molds to reproduce the fabulous Rookwood decorative tile.  I will forward images as I receive them.

Tabarka Studios is sticking with their soft glazes and adding to their traditional European decorative patterns.  I gave Tabarka my vote as “the most beautiful booth at Coverings award”, I’m still working on a trophy though.  In the meantime enjoy a little eye candy.

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Frederick William Anhalt was a developer and contractor in Seattle that worked in the period surrounding the Great Depression.  Although not trained as an architect, he designed and built rather large luxury apartments in a variety of revival styles especially espousing the Tudor style.  These same apartments are recognisable as gracing some of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, primarily on Capital Hill and Queen Ann.

Norberry Tile was approached by a property owner of one of Anhalt’s Capital Hill Apartments to redo a bathroom in the period style.  The project was a fun challenge in that we had only two weeks to deliver the material as it needed to fit the installers schedule before the holidays and it needed to fit the closet sized bathroom so commonly constructed during the period.  In early homes bathrooms and kitchens got very little respect!  Partially driven by what could be acquired quickly we settled with combining stylized patterning and color from the Art Deco era with the classical elements of marble and mosaic that the Tudor Style reflected.  The reflective white marble helped make the closet/bathroom appear just a little bit bigger.  The completed bathroom was more beautiful than what Anhalt installed, but fit his insistence for beautiful materials, and to the unknowing eye, it certainly looked original.

Norberry Tile was awarded Bronze for this project as the Northwest Bath of the Year award with Home Magazine in 2000.

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