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Norberry learned a lesson from Charing the 2013 Mount Baker Home Tour, don’t get homes that are all constructed during the same time period! Our intentions were good, get all centenial homes to celebrate the Mount Baker Clubhouse’s 100 year anniversary, but 100 year old homes can look quite similar. This year we’ve improved the spread!


This year we’re going to take you on a tour of a full century of Mount Baker Homes. We’ll start with the oldest, an original Dose Home, to the youngest and award winning sustainable homes in the neighborhood. Along the way you will be transported to a very conservative, but darling 1930’s home. It was featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine, specifically for the kitchen. Your next stop will be the groovy ’70’s where large open spaces were the norm. The Dose home reflects the popular Arts and Crafts period at the turn of the century, it’s even furnished with Green and Green and Stickley like furniture. The two sustainable homes are again award winners, both collecting LEED Platnumn cerifications.


Finally, return to the 1920’s with a neo-storybook house, possibly straight from the British Coastline. The interior is certainly updated for a contemporary lifestyle, but the architect trained designer of the cottage has lessons for all of us to take away. The home is a true stunner!


Please Buy a ticket and come visit one of Seattle’s finest historical neighborhoods. It’s Olmstead designed! Tour runs from 10am to 4:00 pm, Saturday only. Please click through and purchase a ticket: http://www.mountbaker.org/

Your purchase will go to support the mount Baker Clubhouse, the oldest contiguously operating clubhouse in North America.



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Subway Tile image

True Subway tile now available at Norberry Tile


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Value is in the details.

September is an exciting time in the tile industry as summer-time construction completes. With walls up and the roof on, finish surfaces are the next items to check off.  It is more important than ever to invest in your home. Installing quality surfaces will create environments you want to live in over time, which in turn adds value. Using cheap materials often proves to be  false economy, as they are more commonly ripped out and replaced. Quality surfaces are timeless and enduring.

By working with Norberry Tile you can be assured of beautiful and appropriate surfaces for your style of home.  Bring a designer in with you for a third opinion.  Our goal is to have you install the tile once and be happy with it for your entire life in the home.  That’s adding value!

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One surface that ages like a fine bottle of red wine is exposed metal.  Metal exposed to the Northwest climate, develops a deeper, darker patina; especially tile made from recycled nickle, bronze, or sterling silver.  A shiny new look can be maintained with an occasional application of clear shoe wax.

One favorite metallic tile line is Metaphor Bronze developed by Jay Gibson, a talented artisan and Pratt Institute graduate. The Timberline Series are realistic impressions of pinecones and oak leaves possessing leathery detail. For those who desire simple accents of metal, effective in tying fixtures and fittings into overall design, might favor moldings to frame out or terminate edges of plain field tile.  Metal tile looks especially beautiful paired with natural stone and rustic ceramic tile.  Visit Norberry Tile to experience and feel these beautiful finishes.

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Fireclay Tile is leading the way in how sustainable tile is defined.  Now manufacturing in it’s 25th year, Fireclay has taken it’s practice of producing the most beautiful, timeless and quality focused surfaces and added over 60% recycled material to make it LEED compliant.  And like the best tile made, it should outlive the structure its installed in.  Reusing discarded material in tile, called grog, is part of the traditional manufacturing process.  In the case of Fireclay Tile’s Debris series the grog is both post-industrial and post-consumer waste adding body to the terra cotta tile.  Enhancing the LEED credit value, where transportation distance matters,  West Coast installations generally score a little better with manufacturing located in northern California. 

Even when recycled content and LEED standards aren’t drivers for selecting a tile, the beauty of Fireclay Tile places it in the realm of the most beautiful handmade tile manufactured.  Norberry tile appreciates that we can make the most beautiful installations possible with Fireclay Tile.  The most beautiful commercial projects work with Norberry Tile to capture responsible and beautiful installations.

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Trails at Newcastle, a soon to be built concept.

Norberry Tile is a big supporter of  good quality development practices. One of the most exciting sustainably built communities yet is  “Trails at Newcastle.”  This project consists of beautifully designed homes, possessing the most sought-after details such as: 

– Cottage homes ranging from 1,300 -2,100 square feet.

– Hardwood Floors

– Super insulated with radiant heat

– Wired for solar power and hot water tubes

– Zero VOC paints and low/non toxic finishes

– Dual flush and other water saving features

The location is another feature that sets this project apart.  It is located at the base of the Cascade Mountains surrounded by wetlands and green fields that back up all the way to the beautiful hiking trails of Tiger Mountain.  The community will be  self-sustaining, whithin walking distance to various amenities.  Located adjacent to bus routes and bikes paths, “Trails at Newcastle” will be a very convenient commuting distance to Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond.

For more info contact:

brenda@trailsatnewcastle.com or


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Norberg in front of Sandhill mosaic wall

Norberry has supported sustainable surfaces, even before they were considered responsible building materials.  After recieving a Sustainable Building Advisor Certificate, Craig Norberg discovered three of the most beautiful LEED qualified tile lines containing recycled material.  All of Norberry’s custom ceramic tile lines originate in the USA and practice sustainable manufacturing processes, but tile lines containing at least 50% recycled content are valuable toward recieving LEED credits for sustainably built projects.

Today’s featured tile line is Sandhill Glass.  Manufactured with 100% recycled glass, Sandhill tops the list for recycled content.   It’s proximity within 500 miles of Seattle gives a LEED project the maximum number of points possible when utilized here in town.  Sandhill Glass products increase the overall percent content of recycled materials used on a job. A little Sandhill can go a long way toward achieving maximum LEED points.

Design tip: Since Sandhill tends to be very color-consistent, try blending several similar colors to create a dynamic colorway.  A good example of this can be found on the back wall of the Norberry Tile showroom.  Changing the shape and size of tile within an installation further adds to the dynamic feel.

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